NOE Project

Organization Overview

Our mission:

Our mission is to establish scientific infrastructure for research and educational networks; centered among Asian nations to build up scientific resource capacity and capability of experts, young scholars, and practitioners who are professionally involved in natural resource management. The central focus is agricultural and forest resources, viewed through the lens of "Data Science". We encourage interdisciplinary discussion, as well as generate and share our knowledge through research consortium members.


The idea to form AgFReM (Asian Agri-Forest Resource Management) Research Consortium was conceived in 2016, but was formally launched at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan, in 2019 as a platform to conduct collaborative research on agricultural and forest resource management among Asian nations through a MoU, signed by partners (such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Laos and Indonesia), although not limited. This consortium is a collaborative form of research organization, publish scientific papers, organize conferences and workshops dedicated to encourage interdisciplinary discussion, as well as generate and share new knowledge, through workshops/seminars, conferences and joint research.

Workshops/seminars in Asian nations organized by AgFReM provide the opportunity for young scholars and practitioners in Asian nations to obtain knowledge in "Data Science" oriented analytical skills. Conferences organized by AgFReM are multidisciplinary and international meetings, where academics in various research fields come from all over the world to generate and share new knowledge and ideas. AgFReM jointly works on Open Access Publication of research outcomes and makes them freely available to the world with the FORMATH Research Society (

AgFReM is housed at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics and its activities are mainly supported by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, a Japanese unique and only one research institute on statistical mathematics or data science.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors has governance responsibility for the management of the organization. It determines the strategic plans for AgFReM and monitors the activities and operations of AgFReM to ensure adherence to its mission. It mainly comprises of leaders from all member partners.

International Advisory Board:

The role of the Advisory Board is to support AgFReM's mission and activities by providing advice and expertise of the board members in support of AgFReM's mission and activities. Advisory Board Members are appointed by the President of AgFReM.

Ethics and Compliance:

Ethics, integrity, and compliance are fundamental values of AgFReM at the core of AgFReM's interaction with member partners and clients. AgFReM is committed to the highest ethical standards in the prevention of all punishable criminal acts. We will adhere to all laws and regulations applicable to our activities and expect our members to have the same standards.

Member Partners

mark Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan
mark Institute of Forest and Wildlife Research and Development, Cambodia
mark Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI), Vietnam
mark Institute of Forestry, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
mark University of Lampung, Indonesia
mark National University of Laos, Laos
mark RSFBioL-NCYU, Taiwan
University of Evora, Portugal
mark Timber Pricing Branch, Government of British Columbia, Canada
Dept. of Forest Management, Czech Univ. of Life Science, Praque, Czech
mark Dept. of Agriculture, Forestry, and Bioresources, Seoul National Univ., Korea
mark FORMATH Research Society, Japan
PERHEPI (Perhimpunan Ekonomi Pertanian Indonesia), Indonesia