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Since 2011, we have been organizing workshops for capacity building for forest resource management in Southeast Asia countries. The workshops are particularly designed to enable participants to use statistical software, “R”, and to conduct a hands-on approach to dealing with various statistical analyses with data.


We offer internship seminars, which combine discussion sessions, professional development workshops and young researchers’ presentations to assist participants from Asian countries in their career development, in natural resource management fields.


Since 2001, we have been organizing not only national but also international symposia for sharing research findings, knowledge and practices in forest resource management and related fields. The symposia have been providing opportunity to generate new joint research projects, and build a strong education and research network among practitioners, researchers and students around the world.

Joint Projects

We conduct joint research projects through the AgFReM research consortium. We integrate data collection infrastructures and data archiving systems developed by researchers of AgFReM member institutes/colleges with the latest statistical and mathematical analytical techniques developed and utilized by researchers at ISM and other related institutes.